Recording Artist, Actor & World Peace Ambassador

Charles Dupois, the Artist of the song “If We Can Dream” is a renowned International Recording Artist and Actor.

Not more than a handful of people qualify as larger than life characters, but Charles Dupois trumps them all.

Physically commanding, intense, voluble and animated, this Egyptian born entertainer was raised by a French mother, who was born in Italy and an Egyptian father, making Charles’s heritage truly multi-cultural.

This Melbourne raised talented young Artist cut his teeth in the entertainment industry at the early age of nine.

One of Charles' most prestigious accomplishments was his appointment as World Peace Ambassador in May 2008.

It is through this appointment that “If We Can Dream” was officially endorsed as the New International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem.

Charles has carved a CV that boasts highlights that are many and varied, including a 9 month stint in Las Vegas.

Charles performed at the Mirage and Luxor Casinos working with the likes of George Benson, Diana Ross, the Stylistics and other showbiz luminaries, as well as offers of recording contracts and Film contracts in the UK, USA and Italy.

Charles was formerly managed by Tom Byron who was also the Personal Manager of famous cricketer Dennis Lillie.

This led to the association with Alex Leon, one of Elton John's band members, and Elton John's former manager John Reid. These are among the list of many other high profile music identities that Charles has been involved with.

Charles has also recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, Hollywell Studios in Los Angeles and the world renowned Studios 301 in Sydney Australia.

Charles has hosted various TV Shows and performed in a variety of musicals.

In 2010, Charles made his movie debut in a co-starring role in an A Grade action packed Bollywood Film

Upon Charles's return from Europe and he appeared on the Good Morning TV Show in New Zealand and on various radio stations including Classic Hits.

Whilst In Thailand, Charles appeared as a special guest over 3 days on the renowned Thai - OZ Talk Show with Jaye Walton.

Jaye Walton is also a Thai Consulate and in fact the person who arranged the official support and endorsement by Thailand's King and Queen of the song “If We Can Dream” and also the Royal Families endorsement for Charles Dupois who is the Artist of the song "If We Can Dream".

In July 2011, the "If We Can Dream" Music Video performed by Charles Dupois hit the Movie Screens throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2018, Charles will be the opening act for each of the two If We Can Dream - World Peace Concerts performing the current World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem titled "If We Can Dream" with an expected live audience of in excess of 100,000 people from around the globe.

The concerts are planned to be televised around the world and watched by over a hundred million viewers in 2018!

Quotes from Charles

"I hope to be instrumental in helping others around the world in finding peace." 

"Someday I would like to be acknowledged as someone who cared enough to encourage and guide others to find their peace, as it is still my journey to this day to find my peace."

"For all those in search of fulfilling their dream of happiness and contentment, I hope my song 'If We Can Dream' will inspire you, as it has me, in believing that there is a better world and positive future out there for all of us."

"I hope my song will help to unite all cultures from across the world as it will play an important role in bringing people together."  

"I hope it will inspire those who are less fortunate to have the courage to dream, and those who are privileged, to be grateful for their place in life."

As Martin Luther King once said, ‘the time is always right to do the right thing.

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.