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“If We Can Dream” is the song recorded as the new International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem.

This song will mark the beginning of a movement that has not been seen since 1985 when Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and producer Quincy Jones released the Global Hit “We Are The World”

Since the release of the global hit “We Are The World” back in 1985, some 31 years ago, there has not been another song endorsed as a Worldwide World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem to help bring back hope and inspiration to the world through the International Language of Music!.

The "If We Can Dream" Project is very unique, as it has never been achieved by any country before NOW!

We will also generously donate a percentage of the projects net profits to a number of global charities in the hope that we may be able to help so many disadvantaged countries and people around the world.

This project will for the first time in history bring together 200 nationalities from around the globe to film the largest Multicultural World Peace Music Film Clip together with an Orchestra Choir, local and International Music, Film Stars and some of the Countries Political leaders when History will be made as a total of approximately six hundred people will sing to the world bringing together unity and opening the door to help the world accept that there is a better way when different nationalities and their views come together to make history.

These World Peace events will be documented as part of history as they will be a time in our generation that will go down as significant historical events.

Once you download the Current Music Film Clip of the New World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem Titled “If We Can Dream” you will receive a Certificate of Honorary Ambassadorship for your contribution toward this historical event and receive a confirmation of your eligibility to be one of only 400 people to be invited by us to feature in the Worlds Largest World Peace Music Film Clip of our time and the Two "If We Can Dream" - World Peace Concerts at the International location hosting the events in 2025, including Free Return Airfares with 7 days and 6 nights Accommodation and so much more.

Have your chance to also be invited to the two separate "If We Can Dream" – World Peace Concerts held in the hosting country in 2025!

International Award Winning Record Producer Peter Blyton through his global contacts within the Music Industry to further highlight these up and coming historical events in association with One World Records and If We Can Dream – Universal. The Two World Peace Concerts will be held in the hosting country, several days after the filming of the New International Music Film Clip titled "If We Can Dream" the official International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem.

The concerts will be held over two nights, featuring major recording artists and bands from around the world which will represent the need for world peace by having different countries and their cultures being part of the If We Can Dream – World Peace Concerts.

Numerous artists that will be part of the If We Can Dream – World Peace Concerts will also feature in the filming of the New International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem Music Film Clip titled “If We Can Dream” which will only heighten the global awareness of these historical World Peace Events to the World!

There has never been any concert on earth to date that will have as many International acts representing numerous cultures and different nations in one place and at one time!

We have so much in store for these world peace and humanitarian concerts that will be imprinted in the minds of the world for many years to come!

Let us transform the world from the inside out. Let's stand up, unite and be part of this global makeover as we work to create a positive future for generations to come.

“If We Can Dream” will inspire people to have faith and strength; to believe that there is a better world, a better solution and a better way of life and that world peace is obtainable.

Follow our journey and bring back the innocence of the world.

These Global World Peace and Humanitarian Projects are about the people, the underdogs and the under privileged from all walks of life.

This is your opportunity in also helping us to bring back love, peace and togetherness into our world that is filled with intentional daily disasters, terrorism, unnecessary wars and hatred brought together by different cultures, different views and a lack of understanding!

This project is not just about celebrities, getting their faces on magazines or in the news it’s also all about YOU!

United we can still find our happiness and World Peace!

Once you enter this site you will understand the calibre of people that have been involved and the others that are currently involved and those yet to come on board in making these World Peace and Humanitarian Historical Events become a reality.

The "If We Can Dream" World Peace and Humanitarian projects will make history in 2025!

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