Basic Overview     

The If We Can Dream project is an exciting International World Peace and Humanitarian movement originally established in Australia.

Through our diverse International team our aim is to make the world a safe and harmonious place as we help those in need by donating a percentage of our proceeds to various world-wide charities upon the global launch of the New International World Peace and Humanitarian Anthem Titled “If We Can Dream”.

We hope to inspire both the young and old through the arts and raise their awareness as they follow and support our journey in promoting world peace.

This song will mark the beginning of a movement that has not been seen since Michael Jackson Lionel Richie and producer Quincy Jones global collaboration with some of the world’s most famous inspirational musicians including the likes of Bob Dylan Cindy Lauper Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder with the global hit “We Are the World” back in 1985 there has not been another song endorsed as a worldwide anthem to bring hope and inspiration to the world.

Let us find our way towards peace harmony and love. Let us transform the world from the inside out. Let’s stand up, unite and be part of this global makeover, as we work to create a positive future for generations to come. “If We Can Dream” will inspire people to have faith and strength to believe that there is a better world, a better solution, and a better way of life. Follow our journey and let’s bring back the innocence of the world.

This historical event was originally scheduled to take place in Prague, Europe, however, due to political problems within that country, we decided that it was in the best interest of the project to relocate this event which will now take place at another International Location in 2018!.

One World, One Dream, One Song, One Download.