To whom it may concern, at If We Can Dream – Universal

I saw a screening of an editorial story about your project conducted on the Channel 7 Network here in Australia.

I saw one of your employees being interviewed and I felt that he was given a raw deal and should be granted a chance to prove himself to the business world as being a great humanitarian.

With a few other employees walking out and deserting the team, because of their lack of commitment, in my opinion all their actions are going against the vision for pursuing a world peace initiative.

As a long timed unemployed person now on a Disability Pension after a spinal operation some years ago, I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to join your team in a traineeship capacity learning the ropes of the team’s wisdom and passion for such a special cause.

My home and my heart is open for a representative of yours to visit with me if you are interested in opening this vision up to another whom only wishes to learn and be taught a great service which can only greatly benefit the entire world.

My quest to find where I fit into the worldly scheme of things.

I am willing to do anything and venture to any part of the globe to prove my faith and loyalty for this cause.

My goal is to become a major success story, so let’s work together.


Brian Harvey – Brisbane, Australia.